The Best sexual resorts in Colombia. I always recommend booking at least 2 weeks for any sex vacation, regardless of the country you are in . While some may be tempted to do the standard 1-week getaway, you’ll have much more success spending two weeks in any given location.

This gives you plenty of time to get to know the national psyche, make some friends, and get your foot in the door with some local ladies if you’re trying to play as much as possible while you’re here. In many ways, it’s the best deal, since the cost of the plane ticket won’t vary much from how long you stay here.

Since I think planning a sex vacation on a full budget is a bad idea, I’ll make a rather middle-of-the-road estimate based on my personal experience.


– Hotels are plentiful in cities like Bogotá and Medellín, where you should be doing most of your trip. You can find great deals in the country as the hotel industry is flourishing and constantly growing. You can find everything from stylish local hotels to chains like Holiday Inn and even the W Hotel. Many options for different budgets.

The nicest hotels that have strategic locations can cost up to 400,000 COP per night. These hotels are comparable to 3-4 star hotels in the US and have all the amenities you could want. If you’re trying to keep things lower, there are some pretty good hotels that cost as little as 150,000 COP that will still have nice rooms, decent locations, and features like free breakfast and concierge.

Let’s say you want an above average hotel during your stay. This would be around 220,000 COP per night, or about 50 USD. (Remember, I’m estimating costs for a mid-range budget; that includes splurging a little here and there.)

Food and Drinks:

Colombia has surprisingly good food. It’s actually very underrated. They also have some of the cheapest cheese prices in the world, if you like cheeses. Therefore, food costs will be one of the main things that will keep your overall costs down during your sex vacation.

I’ll assume you’re at a hotel with free breakfast or that you woke up too late for breakfast (for obvious reasons). Either way, it will not be included in the total here. Lunch at a fast food place will cost you about 15,000 COP, and a little more at a lunch place in a commercial district of the city. You may even be able to get by by eating less street vendor food.

Dinner in a pub will cost you about 23,000 COP and dinner in a better restaurant will cost you about 45,000 COP. Do you want a bottle of wine with that dinner? Add another 30,000 COP. Obviously, if you have a date, double all these prices, because you will also pay for it.

If you like coffee, you’re also in luck. Colombia has very cheap coffee prices, and that includes espresso-based drinks. A cappuccino at a local coffee shop will only cost you 5,000 COP.

Good. Let’s say you have a normal lunch, a nice dinner, and a cappuccino later or sometime in the morning. So you’re looking at 65,000 COP per day. Not bad.


Taxis and (sometimes) public transportation are your lifeline in Colombia. Walking everywhere (mainly at night) is not the best idea. You should plan to use a taxi (or better yet: Uber) most of the time.

Taxis are cheap and everywhere. A 5-mile trip only costs 14,000 COP, and much less if you go a few blocks. Also try to travel by Metro from time to time, you will avoid traffic and it is also cheap: a one-way ticket from Medellín to anywhere in the city costs only 2,750 COP.

If you want to have maximum flexibility for your stay, we will assume that you are going by taxi, so it is about 14,000 COP per day.


You have many routes to take to have fun in Colombia. This includes all the basic options you have everywhere else. If you want to see a movie, you will pay around 15,000 COP. If you are trying to be a little more refined and want to enjoy the talent of local artists, a ticket to the theater will cost you 45,000 COP. You have a date? Double it.

Okay, let’s move on to the nightlife. Alcohol prices are all over the place. At some point you will probably buy brandy, which costs around 35,000 COP per bottle for the cheapest product. A cocktail at a nightclub will cost you 25,000 COP. Beer can be quite cheap, between 7,000 and 15,000 COP. If you are a smoker, a pack of cigarettes will cost you 7,000 COP. The best sexual resorts inc Colombia

Okay, let’s say you’re a little excited. Two cocktails and four beers will cost you around 90,000 COP per night. It’s a pretty good and cheap hangover.

What is the best place for a sex vacation in Colombia?

Medellín, Bogotá and Cartagena, probably also in that order.

Hotels are everywhere in Colombia’s major cities, so you have a wide range of accommodations and amenities to choose from, as well as locations. Below are some brief criteria on what to consider when looking for a hotel for your sex vacation. To make our lives easier I recommend using sites like to search for hotels in a particular Colombian city. You’ll find a great sweet spot in the mid-range price area for some very nice hotels that won’t cost you much.

Depending on the city, you should look for hotels near the most vibrant nightlife areas. The nearby bars and clubs are a big plus; Not all hotels in Colombia allow you to bring girls to your room.  Always check ahead of time to see if guests are allowed. Otherwise, plan to use many lovehotels or motels in the city when necessary.

Colombia has gained popularity among tourists seeking a unique vacation experience, with many flocking to the country for its booming sex tourism industry. One of the main attractions for those looking for a sexually charged vacation are the all-inclusive sex resorts that can be found throughout the country.

For my taste and according to the experience I have had in each of them, I am going to give you a top five best resorts of Colombia where you can find all the fun you are looking for.

The Wild Club

Located in Medellín, The Wild Club offers an all-inclusive package that includes food, drinks and access to a variety of erotic experiences. The Sexy Resort features a variety of themed rooms, including a jungle room, a prison cell, and a doctor’s office, among others. Guests will be able to participate in orgies, BDSM sessions and other sexual activities with other guests and professional escorts.

The Erotic Resort

The Erotic Adult Sex Resort is located in the heart of Colombia’s coffee region and is designed for couples looking for a romantic getaway with a naughty twist. The complex has a swimming pool, jacuzzis and private suites with erotic decorations. The package includes food and drinks, as well as access to a variety of sexual activities, including massages and erotic dance classes.

The secret garden

El Jardín Secreto is located in the city of Cartagena, and is known for its luxurious amenities and discreet services. The complex has private villas with their own pools, as well as a community pool and hot tub. Guests can enjoy a variety of sexual activities, including orgies and private sessions with escorts. The resort also offers tours and excursions for those who want to explore the city.

The Mansion

Located in the city of Cali, The Mansión is one of the most exclusive Best Sex Vacations in Colombia. The complex has a swimming pool, jacuzzi and private suites with erotic decorations. Guests can participate in a variety of sexual activities, including group sex, BDSM, and role-play scenarios. The package includes food and drinks, as well as access to professional companions.

Sex Island

Sex Island is located on a private island in the Caribbean and is known for its wild parties and non-stop sexual activities. The resort features luxury villas, a private beach and a variety of erotic experiences, including group sex, erotic massages and private sessions with escorts. The package includes all meals and drinks. As well as access to a variety of recreational activities, including jet skis and snorkeling.

It is important to note that while these resorts can offer a unique and exciting vacation experience, they also come with risks. Erotic trips for adults Guests should always practice safe sex and be aware of their surroundings.

In conclusion, Colombia is home to some of the best all-inclusive sex resorts in the world. Offering a variety of erotic experiences for those looking for a sexually charged vacation. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a wild party, there’s a sex resort in Colombia. However, it is important to exercise caution and thoroughly research the resort before making any reservations.

The best sexual resorts in Colombia

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