Escort Lady at home in Medellin

Vacation Guide Companion: Nicole Ortiz – Escort Lady Medellin.

Name: Nicole Ortiz
Age: 22
Height: 160
Nationality: Colombian
Location: Medellin
Preferred Activities: Travel and Business
Languages: Spanish
Education Level: College
Biography: Hello, my name is Nicole and i’m the best prepaid companion girl, whores, escort ladies and VIP university in Colombia. And i work with the best agency in Colombia. Discover an encounter full of eroticism and sensuality. Remember I’m a companion models VIP – Models. Escort Medellin.
Hair Color: Redhead
Skin Color: Tan
Eyes Color: Brown
Build: Athletic
Breast Size: A
Butt Size: Normal

Nicole Ortiz Nicole Ortiz Nicole Ortiz

Vacation Guide Companion: Nicole Ortiz – Escort Lady

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