Escort Lady at home in Medellin

Vacation Guide Companion: Dulce Maria – Escort Lady Medellin.

Name: Dulce Maria
Age: 21
Height: 163
Nationality: Colombian
Location: Medellin
Preferred Activities: Travel and Business
Languages: Spanish, basic english
Education Level: College
Biography: Hi daddies, i’m Dulce Maria, and i’m the best prepaid companion girl, whores, escort ladies and VIP university in Colombia. The best agency in Colombia. Discover an encounter full of eroticism and sensuality. Remember I’m a companion models VIP – Models. Escort Medellin.
Hair Color: Brunette
Skin Color: White
Eyes Color: Brown
Build: Average
Breast Size: A
Butt Size: Large

Dulce Maria Dulce Maria Dulce Maria

Vacation Guide Companion: Dulce Maria – Escort Lady

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