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Beautiful Latin model for a sex escape.


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Name:Doris Manjarrez
Preferred Activities:Travel, Business, Love
Vacation Rate858
Languages:Basic English, Spanish
Education Level:College
Biography:Hello love, I'm Doris Manjarrez, a pretty prepaid girl in Bogota. I am 21 years old, white skin, brown hair and brown eyes. If you are looking for a new girl in the environment, with a pretty face, very affectionate and hot, you've already found me. But, apart from how cute and pretty I am, I have a touch of naughty girl, which combines perfectly with my boyish appearance and body of a woman quite grown up. I will bring a good sex session, but also a good talk if you wish, and I can even pretend to be your sexy secretary in one of your business meetings, if you need an escort when you are in town on business. Etc. Besides that I am eager to learn and experiment in this environment, do not miss the opportunity for a new experience.
Hair Color:Brown
Skin Color:White
Eyes Color:Brown
Breast Size:B
Butt Size:Large


Bogota, Colombia 110231
Phone:(+1) 5614751021 whatsapp and telegram
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