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Sex Vacation in Panama

Panama is a destination full of contrasts where the past mixes with the present and the urban with the beauty of nature. The Historic Center of Panama, the capital city, will be a magnificent experience when you walk through its squares, museums and its archaeological complex. The Isthmus of Panama is bathed by waters from both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and both coasts have beautiful and paradisiacal beaches. One of the most visited destinations is the San Blas region, an archipelago of 365 small islands planted with palm trees and corals. There are the famous Cayos Holandeses, famous for their calm and crystal clear waters. The Gulf of Chiriquí is another excellent option with its islands of virgin beaches. Despite its wild geography, a complex of exclusive resorts is located very close to the gulf. But if we are looking for a more picturesque option to stay, the town of Boca Chica would be a very good alternative. Isla Escudo de Veraguas is a little-known destination, but highly recommended, especially for nature lovers, since it is a true sanctuary for animals that are only found in this region of the world. And of course, on our agenda we must write down a visit to the famous Panama Canal. For the more adventurous, an exploration of the iconic Volcán Barú is almost a must. It can be accessed by a long walk of about eight hours, or in rustic vehicles. Panamanian nights, open for the complete enjoyment of our sexual vacations, offer us an interesting range of options. Bars and outdoor cafes abound in the Historic District. In the modern part of the city we can find nightclubs and bars on the terraces of some hotels. A spectacle for the eyes.

January 24, 2023


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