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Erotic Vacations in Dominican Republic

The natural beauties of this paradisiacal Caribbean island are as powerful as its rich history: the first city in America was founded there: La Isabela, on the island that Christopher Columbus had called Hispaniola in 1492.

The Dominican Republic boasts the honor of being the most visited island in the Caribbean, and the reasons for this are many, including the imposing tourist complex of Punta Cana. White sand beaches and crystal clear waters, luxurious hotels, exquisite international and native cuisine and innumerable Nightclubs are some of the great attractions of this spectacular tourist complex.

One of the places that we must visit is the "Ecological Reserve Indigenous Eyes", where we can enjoy an exuberant tropical fauna and flora and treat ourselves to a delicious bath in the small lagoons that sprout in the middle of the jungle foliage of the place.

For golf enthusiasts, this Caribbean island is a true paradise with its 26 splendid courses dedicated to this sport. And for beach lovers, Playa Bávaro and Playa Macao are a must see.

This Caribbean island has been the favorite for "honeymoons" and romantic getaways and, why not?, for passionate erotic vacations next to our beautiful escorts.

January 24, 2023


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