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Erotic Vacations in Cuba

The island of Cuba has great natural attractions such as its beaches, but also a great cultural and architectural legacy.

A walk through Old Havana will be a pleasant obligation, where you can also take the opportunity to taste some tasty and refreshing daikiris at El Floridita or some mojitos at La Bodeguita del Medio, following the recommendations of the writer Ernest Heminway. Also in Havana we can enjoy the famous and cinematographic boardwalk, the streets of the neighborhood of El Vedado and the legendary Hotel Nacional. And although it sounds a bit sinister, the Havana cemetery is usually very visited by tourists since many of the monuments that are erected there are considered true works of art.

In El Valle de Viñales you can visit the well-known tobacco plantations and observe the production process of the prestigious Cuban cigar. You can also visit the Cueva del Indio.

One of the best beaches will be found in Varaderos, internationally famous for the extraordinary beauty of its blue waters and white sands.

Havana's nightlife offers us various options in open-air bars, but the most famous of them is El Tropicana Club, the show that for decades has mixed ballet, circus, boleros, cha cha, rumba , the Cuban son and the sensuality of the carnival. A unique experience to start a night of sex and passion next to one of our beautiful company ladies, you can enjoy a truly unique sex vacations.

January 24, 2023


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