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Erotic Vacations in Bahamas

This archipelago of more than 700 islands and cays of different sizes is characterized by its spectacular corals and crystal clear Atlantic waters. As a curious fact, only 24 of them are inhabited.

The archipelago has a varied hotel menu that ranges from simple to the most sophisticated rooms.

In Nassau, the capital of the islands, we will find space for the most varied water sports, enjoy the white sands of Long Wharf Beach, but we will also have the opportunity to visit exotic places, such as the legendary Fort Charlotte, built in 1788.

Windsurfing, diving and snorkeling are the order of the day throughout the archipelago. But if what we want is to exercise our legs and arms, nothing better than kayaking in Peterson Cay National Park or Lucayan National Park. In the latter we will find the Lucayan Caverns, a perfect place for diving and adventure in one of the largest underground systems in the world.

On Andros Island we will find numerous blue holes or small lagoons that invite us to swim in their waters or, perhaps better, to dive inside. The Guardian Blue Hole is the most imposing of all.

If we decide to visit Grand Bahama, one of its best beaches is Gold Rock Beach with its shallow, turquoise waters, surrounded by spectacular vegetation.

But if we are looking for a bit of tranquility, on the Atlantis beach on the island of New Providence, we will find everything we need to relax as a couple and perhaps we will be lucky enough to spend at least one night at the famous "Atlantis Paradise Island Resort" that has served as the setting for several Hollywood movies.

In short, an exceptional place to enjoy an incredible erotic vacations.

January 24, 2023


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