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Erotic Vacation in San Andres

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Erotic Vacation in San Andres

The Island of San Andrés is the largest in the homonymous Archipelago, also made up of Providencia and Santa Catalina. The marine waters that surround these islands have received the name of the "Sea of ​​seven colors" since they range from emerald green to deep blue. In those crystalline waters we will find about forty ideal places to practice diving and other water sports.

In this small Caribbean paradise, English, Dutch and Spanish culture mixes, which gives the islands an interesting cosmopolitan atmosphere. It can be reached by sea from Cartagena, with a journey of 72 hours, which makes the air route the most used.

Among the many activities offered on the islands of this archipelago we have diving in its crystal clear waters, visiting the famous natural aquarium, going around the island on a motorcycle or taking a boat ride with glass floors or a boat among the corals. , mangroves and keys of the region.

As night falls, another type of fun begins where tourists can sit in outdoor cafes or enjoy listening to music or dancing in any of the small bars or large nightclubs in the area, thus preparing the way for a more intimate and fiery evening with our beautiful and accommodating escort ladies who will give you the best sex vacations in the Caribbean

January 24, 2023


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