A lustful retreat of sensuality awaits each guest as they dive into the pleasures of unabridged fantasy, stunning sunsets, warm nights; cool ocean breezes; unlimited drinks, excellent dining and tours of this amazingly exciting 500 year old cultured city accompanied by beautiful girls and a private guide. Your girls will cater to your every desire, as well as being your tour guide, activities & dining, dancing partner and more. Enjoy the calm ocean views and stunning sunsets…stroll down our gorgeous beaches with a cold drink and your playful kittens that will make sure you do more than just enjoy the deserted white sand beach. Food, drinks and gear are included. At the end of a day exploring the city you and your ladies can light some candles, pour some drinks, turn on some music and just savory each other\’s intimacies or even head out to dance the night away in the city\’s many clubs and lounges. While there are many things to see and do it\’s your vacation and how you spend your time is always your choice. We have over 150 straight and bi sexual women and models for your 24 hour selection and guests may change companions daily. Our beautiful ladies have current health certificates, most speak fairly good English and they play well together, so choose more than one.
There are much more activities like the Totumo\’s tour. You will be inside a vulcano with your girl on this sex holiday having fun and listening some music while having drinks and laughs.
You no need to think about a simply vacation, with us, you will get the best sex vacations ever and adult fun for singles. Contact us to get more info of our all inclusive packages, tours, models, and details.

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