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Sexual tourism: the 10 best destinations for erotic vacation

Best vacation destinations for adults

Sexual tourism: the 10 best destinations for erotic vacation


Among the different tourist modalities, there is a very attractive one that can provide the most intense travel experience; one that has sex as the main point in the itinerary, which is under the banner of enjoyment, that is sex tourism.

To go sightseeing is to see places you don't know, to taste what you're not used to tasting and, why not, to have sex with someone you could never, ever have sex with... or in the way you could never have sex with someone you could never have sex.

Erotic tourism is not very different from adventure, gastronomic, wine or cultural tourism. They all mean knowing, trying and feeling what you don't have in the place where you live. In that sense, just as certain places are famous for their cuisine, their views, their history, their construction or their culture, some are credited for their sex trade. In the same way that travelers and tourists research or post their experiences on blogs and websites specializing in tourism, gastronomy or travel, more and more Internet portals are dealing with sex tourism. In these forums and blogs, people who have traveled to these destinations, leave their recommendations, experiences and reviews of the places visited. On the other hand, those who are going to travel, are warned and inquire about the best and most outstanding places to go, seek advice and information and soak up the erotic culture of the destinations they are going to.

These are my recommendations for vacation destinations

10. Thailand Vacations

Visiting Thailand and not noticing any sex worker "is like going to KFC and never seeing fried chicken". Walking Street is a place where the senses do not stop, you feel the movements, lights, music and people doing all kinds of performances, a kind of sex theme park. And it is that the traditional and famous areas for sex tourism are being transmuted into a kind of new tourist seduction, a bit like the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Most of the prostitutes work in supposed entertainment or massage places (Gogo Bars, Massage Parlours or in Discotheques). The only way to get an opinion about these places is to visit them, although the truth is that visiting Pattaya is not really worth it. That is why it occupies the last place in my list.

9. Dominican Republic Vacations

Many Caribbean countries are seeing an increase in sex tourism, especially for women, and the Dominican Republic is no exception. It is estimated that between 60,000 and 100,000 women work in the sex trade in the Dominican Republic, and many from Haiti as well. Prostitution is not illegal in the Dominican Republic, although sex with minors is; sex tourism and erotic in the country is very popular, due to its inherent ease from both the U.S. and Europe. European girls are very attracted to the so-called sanky pankies become gigolos and seducers, they are muscular or athletic, they dance Afro-Latin, North American and European rhythms; with their lustful wiggles they take the woman to a height of total fieriness that requires intimate contact.

Their psychology is "travel", and their insight can differentiate French, Spanish, American, Canadian, and so on.

8. Netherlands Vacations

Amsterdam is the ultimate erotic holiday destination in the Netherlands, thanks to its famous red light district. The red light district is crowded, visited both by regular tourists and by those who come there to get a little action in their noble parts. Sex, sex shops, peep shows, strip clubs and an endless number of prostitutes offering their bodies behind the red-lit windows. Meretriciousness is legal and impeccably regulated in Amsterdam, which undoubtedly creates safer circumstances for sex workers. Prices in Amsterdam typically range from €35 to €100, depending on the time of day, as well as the age and attractiveness of the client. Amsterdam's famous red light district accommodates every kind of fetish and sexual quirk, and the best thing is that it is (relatively) safe. However, there are already too many tourists and the theme is not as charming as it used to be.

Vietnam Vacations

Is South Asia at its best; wandering through the foliage, while brushing brush with your arms through the mysterious Vietnamese jungle until you stumble upon a solace of a Buddhist shrine. On the way back, eating nem (crispy rolls crammed with pork or seafood on a base of white rice) at a signature Ho Chi Min restaurant and ending that evening drinking snake wine (alcohol in which a cobra is macerated for months) in a hotel lobby. Meanwhile, two beautiful, slant-eyed young women approach to do everything that fantasy and anonymity bestow on the character of a traveler. That fate of adventure and discovery is the best thing about Vietnan.

Moving up to 6th place in our ranking we find the Philippines.

6. Philippines Vacations

Booming as a erotic vacation destination - in 2022 the number of visitors increased by 11% - it competes with Thailand and Vietnam as a sex tourism and prostitution destination in Southeast Asia, sex tourists from other Asian countries, USA, Australia or Europe are flocking to the Philippines; Filipinos tend to be extremely tolerant of unequal lifestyles, which manages to be a judgment as to why prostitution and sex tourism have thrived in the Philippines. One island resort advertises like this ""It doesn't matter if you are old or fat like half of the Western population. Young girls here revere age very much and sometimes being overweight is a plus" and continues "A 75 year old client of ours, found his sweet 21 year old love on Siargao Island", testified the hotel in the section "Flirting Filipino Style", Philippines is in vogue and invariably an Asian and exotic girl is a plus.

5. Brazil Vacations

Has always been a popular tourist destination due to its exotic wildlife, beautiful people, beaches and raucous parties such as Carnival. Brazil is a popular destination for female sex tourism, which generally does not see rates as high as male sex tourism; the chance to experience all potential sexual encounters, female sex tourism does not lag behind.

4. Spain Vacations

Cities such as Ibiza, Madrid and Barcelona have long flourished as tourist destinations, but there is a different type of tourism movement that is emerging and increasing in Spain. Prostitution is legal in Spain, making it one of Europe's top destinations for sex tourism. In Madrid, the red light district is intertwined with regular streets, making it very affordable, while, in Barcelona, the red light district is a very attractive and popular tourist attraction. Surprisingly, there are more Latin American sex workers present in Spain than Spanish sex workers.

3. Mexico Vacations

Mexican prostitutes have their way with clients legally, since the sex business was legalized in the country a long time ago. For this reason, thousands of sex tourists from all over the world come to Mexico to enjoy the accessible Latin American beauties without having to worry about the tension of the law. There are brothels and brothels open in the country, as well as scort representations and sex venues under the auspices of government inspection. But the most pleasant way for a foreigner to book a prostitute is through the Internet.

2. Cuba Vacations

Cuba can also boast an impressive scale of sexual services. Not the country's nickname "brothel of the Caribbean", you can often spend the night with a beautiful girl for a very low cost or for small donations. Girls with ambitions to make a fortune flock to Varadero in the evenings. There is always a wide collection of ladies for any taste and also in the evenings on the Malecon waterfront. For all lovers of everyday sex, it is Cuba that occupies a favorite place. The local girls are not only beautiful, they are also some of the cheapest in the world. Men are no slouch in this regard. For a couple of hundred bucks, even elderly ladies can enjoy the company of a handsome, tanned man. For a mere $100 bucks, you get to enjoy a beautiful evening in the company of an exotic brunette with peace of mind. And you will "collapse into bed" right in her parents' home and without any after-effects for you. Still, because Cuba is a country of free morals!

According to a ranking published by Men's Health magazine, Colombia is now among the most sought-after destinations in the sex tourism segment for men, a country that has established itself as an energetic competitor to the invincible Cuba. The comparison between the two places results in the fact that, while a week of sex tourism in Colombia runs around $200 per person (including food, gifts and some other goodies to sweeten up the escort), although in Cuba it can cost half that, the quality and quantity of girls eager to please you make Colombia the ideal destination to spend well accompanied and have the most wonderful sex of your life. That is why it occupies the first place of our podium.

1. Colombia Vacations

A passionate traveler who has been living in Medellin, Colombia, says, "You may have heard a lot about Bangkok and Amsterdam as two sex tourism paradises. But there is nothing in the world like Medellin. This city is a city to spend a long period, a month or if possible two and never forget it. Sex is everywhere. In every bar, in every discotheque, in every nightclub, even in the best 5 star hotels, there are tons of young people lining up to sleep with you. Even when you go shopping at the mall where you are going to find hotties that are watching, and waiting for some action and you lend to everything, with them you can chat and bargain in the best way and take them to a good place for very few bills and you meet the most beautiful girls you can find." And Cartagena is a privileged place, vacationers in Cartagena can enjoy not only the brilliant carnivals, the scorching sun or the white beaches, but also the skilled and seductive Latin women. The girls are available in almost all resorts and nightlife establishments. You can also get a scort through intimate dating websites such as

And for those who like quality and reliability, the big cities have luxury brothels, private theme clubs and escort agencies. So Colombia is the place for sex and fun for all those looking for the best sex.

But it is not exclusively men who see in tourism The totality of the destinations to which the ladies who love unexplored sex as much as men usually sign up are: Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey and Spain in Southern Europe; likewise, Jamaica, Barbados, Dominican Republic and the unmissable Cuba in the Caribbean. Territories such as Tunisia, Gambia, Kenya, Bali, Pattaya and Phuket are simultaneously frequented by both sexes eager for action. To crunch the numbers, it is estimated that more than 650,000 young people have jumped ship on the sex tourism boat from 1980 to date, and it is argued that close to 80,000 American and Western European women visit Jamaica every year... not to be outdone if you are a woman.

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