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Santa Fe de Antioquia is a municipality of Colombia, located in the Western sub-region of Antioquia. Santa Fe is a national monument for its admirable and beautiful architecture of the colonial era; it has eight(8) churches and a large number of houses from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. Founded with the name of Antioquia by the Marshal Jorge Robledo in the valley of Ebéjico. The original Santa Fe de Antioquia was a distance of 79 km from Medellín (before the opening, in 2006, of the Royal West Tunnel Fernando Gómez Martínez, so this gap was reduced to just 55 km, decreasing travel time by more than an hour).On his return from the peninsula in 1546, Mariscal Robledo founded the site of what is today, a mining town called Santa Fe. Later, the residents of the city of Antioquia, due to repeated incursions of the aborigines, moved to the town of Santa Fe and both the city and town merged. So since 1584, it has been called Santa Fe de Antioquia.This municipality is characterized by its frequent mining activity and its rich cultivations of exotic fruits such as tamarind, pistachio, custard, and many others. Santa Fe is a municipality with great historical richness because, in colonial times, it was the capital of the department of Antioquia. In its streets are still preserved fragments of the Antioquia chronicles of importance as historical patrimony that in addition to its remarkable beauty, the Congress of the Republic granted it the title of a National Monument. About seven parks and city squares give life to this beautiful municipality of Antioquia. Many parks offer shade and a pleasant atmosphere where the tourists can meet the Santafereños.The opening of the West tunnel has allowed hundreds of tourists to arrive every weekend, stimulating the vocation of the town as a summer resort.Events such as film festivals, coupled with colonial architecture, the dry tropical climate, the abundant supply of fruits and many more attractions have made it a first-line tourist attraction.The whole locality itself is a site of interest. The architecture that has survived over the years gives Santa Fe de Antioquia the appearance of a "stagnant" city of the colonial era; so much so that the city itself was declared a national monument.



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