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You will receive a 4-hour salsa tour of Cartagena local clubs and will learn to dance the salsa. Cartagena is home to vibrant salsa clubs, but many of the best venues are in local neighborhoods, outside of the ‘tourist zone.’ Swing and shimmy through five of the city’s most famous salsa nightclubs on a 4-hour, small-group excursion that includes dance lessons, cover charges, an alcoholic drink at each venue, and transportation between clubs. Dancing salsa with the locals kicks off the night at 8:30 pm in Donde Fidel, a longtime favorite in Cartagena’s downtown salsa club scene. Take your first salsa dancing steps, sip a drink from the bar, and learn the bar’s fun history. At 9:30 pm, continue to Charanga, where you have another drink, then join in a second salsa lesson, trying out some new steps and turns. Then to another neighborhood to visit El Koreano for another trip around the dance floor (with your pair of salsa instructors), then pause for a drink and an egg-stuffed arepa, a favorite local snack. Just after the clock strikes 11:00 pm, cross the street to Salsa y Sabor, where your lessons continue, then make a final stop at El Vueltabajero, the neighborhood’s most celebrated salsa club. Get dancing tips with your final salsa lesson and order your last drink of the night. At 12:30 am, make the return trip to downtown Cartagena where the tour concludes. Tour is great for couples on vacation or for singles wanting to have fun.



Rate (Guest & Companion)$350.00
Extra Guest Cost: (All Services Included)$175.00
Extra Companion(s)$175.00


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